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Q: Is this organic milk?
A: No. There are restrictions relating to animal health with which we don’t agree. We care a lot about our cattle and owe it to them to give them the best treatment possible.


Q: Do you feed and manage your cattle like the large commercial dairies?
A:  With our smaller herd size we treat the animals individually vs managing groups of cattle. Also by being smaller, we can feed a higher forage diet (pasture/hay) with limited grain (non-GMO).


Q: Why is your milk more expensive than the grocery stores?
A: We feed a non-GMO grain that is substantially higher in price than the GMO version.


Q: Why is the cream on top of the milk really thick after a couple of days?
A: Because our milk is heated but not homogenized. The fat molecules in the cream bind together. It is safe to use. Simply shake the jug before each use.


Q: Do you sell raw milk?
A: We do not.


Q: Do you sell reduced fat milk?
A: We do not.


Q:  Do you sell at farm markets?

A:  Yes. 

SATURDAYS @ Virginia Village Shopping Center on Catoctin Circle, Leesburg VA


SUNDAYS @ Cascades Farm Market on Whitfield Dr, Sterling VA