About us

Walnut Hill Farm is a small family owned and operated farm in Kearneysville, WV and is the only cow dairy in the state that bottles their own milk. Owner Mark Butcher started working with dairy cattle when he was 12 years old, helping out on a neighboring farm until he left for college, where he was then the herdsman for the college’s dairy farm. After graduating with an Ag Science degree, Mark began his own farming career in 1983 at Walnut Hill Farm.

Mark, along with his wife Donna and son Justin, raise and milk their registered Holstein and Brown Swiss cattle. The cows are fed a non-GMO, all-natural, high-forage diet and are not given  artificial hormones. The cows are milked twice a day in a step-up milking parlor; this style of milking allows the animal to be personally observed—if there’s a problem, then it is known immediately.

Once the milk has chilled, the family then pasteurizes and bottles the milk. The milk is then available for customers by local delivery and farm markets. Additional products will be added in the future.